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Welcome to this website as my legacy to past, present, and future generations. It’s based on 70 years of experience and contemplation with some Big Picture ideas to better channel huge social changes. I’m a retired teacher with a deep appreciation for learning, from differentiating between perception and critical thinking for a better decision-making process.

Check out self-published e-books about these social issues with timely solutions.

1. How can teenage girls better face the problems of social media and selfie addiction with a possible timely superpower tool?

2. How can young people learn about the relations and interdependence of ecosystems from the smallest to the largest functions and human interventions? (2 e-books)

3. How can MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients be better helped by regulating independent researchers with medical cannabis to study its efficacy and benefits?

Check out these resources:

  • "Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand"—e-book about social media
  • "The Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots"—e-book about climate change
  • "The Ecological Succession of Birchum Birch"—e-book about cooperation with Nature
  • "The True MS Journey of Twin Brothers by Sister Mary"—e-book about frustrating lessons and hopes

About Me

As an educator with 24-years of experience, I wish to add my voice to today’s society. No doubt, so many dramatic changes have linked to problematic times searching for self-awareness based on objective looks, personalities, deficiencies of self-worth, and impending unknown forces limiting health, livelihood and Earth’s resources. Self promotions prevail encouraged by competition within technology. Swamped with so much information, ideologues emerge to live in a world of their own focus followed by likable and complacent followers.

Annemarie Berukoff

But who talks about responsibility in an ethical and moral society? Where are the positive norms to rebuild a broken culture with respect for diversity and creativity? What if new reflections, perceptions, stories and images can provide innovative solutions by thinking differently within the context of a Big Picture overview?

I enjoy my retirement with family, friends, and community by returning to my childhood farm in the beautiful valleys of British Columbia. I walk side by side with nature, gardening, fishing, painting, embracing a wholefoods lifestyle. Understanding that learning is a lifelong commitment, I can only continue to research, write and teach the basics of perceptions, concept making and critical decision thinking. Many lessons learned over 70 years allow me to call my experiences as the Big Picture Wisdom.

Note, after much deliberation, I chose the words Helpful Mind Stream to describe the open-ended flow and flux of too many independent variables to be contained in a Mind Map with fixed points.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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