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Helpful Mindstream For Changes: Growing a Profitable Online Business

This website is my message to past, present, and future generations. It’s based on 70 years of experience, contemplation, and my legacy to leave the world. I’m a retired teacher with a deep appreciation for learning, from differentiating between perception and critical thinking and decision-making.

Currently, I work in online marketing, researching and selling e-books you can buy here. My website, Helpful Mindstream for Changes, offers books about social issues with timely solutions. Currently 4 issues are addressed:

1. If online marketing has simplified and compounded, how can regular marketers and business owners adapt to changes and compete at low cost with online marketing powerhouses?

2. Is there a way to show teenage girls the problems of social media and selfie addiction with a possible antidote?

3. How can young people learn about the relations and interdependence of ecosystems? How do humans play a role?

4. Is there a way to help MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients by regulating independent researchers with medical cannabis to study its efficacy and benefits?

Check out these resources:

Self-Franchise Report
"The Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots"—e-book about climate change
"Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand"—e-book about social media
"The True MS Journey of Twin Brothers by Sister Mary"—e-book about frustrating lessons learned
"The Ecological Succession of Birchum Birch"—e-book about cooperation with Nature

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About Me

As an educator with 24-years of experience, I wish to add my voice to today’s society. I’ve noticed there seems to be a search for self-awareness based on feelings, looks, deficiencies, and issues. This is encouraged by self-promotion and competition within technology. Swamped with so much information and online marketing, ideologues emerge to live in a world of their own making followed by likable and complacent puppets. But who talks about responsibility in an ethical and moral society? What if new stories and images from my reflective perspective can provide innovative solutions by thinking differently? I look forward to your comments, questions, and resolutions.


I enjoy my retirement, family, friends, fun, and financial freedom. I live in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia and walk side by side with nature, gardening, fishing, painting, embracing a wholefoods lifestyle and writing about the network marketing as a fair and democratic home business mentor.

My constant motto is to provide personal value first for every family. No person, or business, should ever feel disenfranchised from the Internet Profits as the biggest wealth transition change in human history as life moves from offline to online.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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