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Helpful Mindstream For Changes: Growing a Profitable Online Business

Welcome…hope you visit awhile.   

This unique personal website is my legacy to the past, present and future generations based on 70 years of much experience, contemplation and finally a legacy to leave the world as such.


Helpful Mindstream for Changes asks four basic questions:

1. If it is undeniable that internet marketing has simplified and compounded, then how can regular marketers and business owners adapt to changes and compete fairly at low cost with online marketing powerhouses?

2. Is there a way to show teenage girls that their adolescent brains may have been hacked by Social Media causing problems and regrets with Selfie addiction, with a discussion about the importance of respecting their timelines?

3. How can young people discover that ecological systems are related and dependent on each other from the smallest micro-organisms to plants, animals, air, water and even hydrocarbons where humans play a deciding role in survival at all levels?

4. Is there a better way to help the symptoms and suffering of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients by regulating independent researchers with medical cannabis, outside of Big Pharma's drug fortress and clinical trials to try and prove the efficacy and health benefits of an ancient plant with a natural affinity to human biochemistry?

If these questions matter to you, too, then you can find answers and marketing advice here:

How to Start Growing a Profitable Online Business and The Self Franchise Report
Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand (e-book)
The Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots (e-book)
The True MS Journey of Twin Brothers by Sister Mary (e-book)

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About Me

I don’t know about you, but I am deeply bothered by Present Changes and, as an educator, wish to add my Past Voice of experiences. Today, there seems to be a perversion of everyday virtues; a search for self-awareness based on feelings, looks, deficiencies and issues; encouraged by self-promotion and competition within a progressively threatening technology. Labor markets change; social bonds fade; fake news abides, challenging curiosity, knowledge and truth. Swamped with so much information and online marketing, the ideologues emerge to live in a world of their own making within limitations to the causes and effects in the real world.

What if new stories and images can provide better solutions to these problems than a lecture of facts?


From the vantage point of 70 years, I can’t close my eyes and pretend I can’t see. I must ask how I can help others to believe in the kind of world where responsibility is important in a moral, ethical and social society. The one constant for coping with Change is to stay resilient and look for innovative solutions by practicing different ways of thinking and new ways of perception or imagination. Our families and planet depend on this focus of what matters more than less. To this point, I offer a personal mind stream with four important themes about rising up to imminent changes today and tomorrow.

…a possible self-franchise report with a strategy in the digital economy
…a teenage girl's angst in the social media culture and timely solution
…the cyclical truths found in nature's ecosystem via a water sprite with roots
…new research from Nature’s pharmacy with medical cannabis in reference to MS patients

I was born on a pioneer homestead without electric power where the value of hard work and rewards were ingrained. I now walk in an online marketing cyberspace both in amazement and fear of unprecedented opportunities to follow your nature or passions, hopefully in wisdom, respect, and hope. I am a retired teacher with a deep appreciation of the process of learning and educating; from pointing out the difference between precepts and concepts; to why critical thinking matters; and how the decision-making process works with challenges and choices.

I am also part of an extended family and community and am concerned about their future.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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