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“Teen Girl Faces Time in the Sand”

Who doesn’t know a young teenage girl who seems attached to her cell phone? But who is really on the leash? Who is leading whom? Read a short story about a teenager’s struggle with social media, survival, and regret with a constant cry “Is this my fault? Who is to blame?” Her grannie draws pictures in the sand to explain the quick connections of time to ask the question “If you could see the future, how would you change the present?” Their conversation explores how to stop social media from taking advantage of developing adolescent brains and encourage teenage girls to think of the passage of time and power of choice as superpowers that they can use to avoid bad choices.

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“The Water Sprite on his Incredible Journey to Discover Cyclical Truths”

Meet a true superhero who is essential to all life on Earth. In “The Water Sprite,” readers meet the hero of the story as a water sprite with roots who begins a journey in pursuit of Cyclical Truths. He learns through many experiences about the various lifeforms that are essential to ecology and is amazed at several natural cycles. It is only when he encounters humankind that he feels a loss of self — and learns consciously, and sometimes painfully, the truth for the need for preservation of balance in nature.

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“Ecological Succession of Birchum Birch”

This story is about a young birch tree called Birchum Birch. A special tree Dryad, as the essence of knowledge, explains many of his experiences about his home, his biology, environmental co-operation and Nature’s most important law that everything is connected. They share experiences about weather, climate changes, value of humus, seeds, insects, fungal dangers, adaptations and interact with various animals providing shelter and food who, in turn, reciprocate help in times of problems.

However, when he encounters People, he realizes how selfish ego and short-term thinking can impact a community’s lifetime, with the hope that Nature can recover given a chance.

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“True MS journey of Twin Brother by Sister Mary”

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a devastating disease attacking body, mind, and spirit, affecting the whole family. The cause is unknown and drug treatments based on animal experiments haven't worked well for 60 years.

Once there was hope with CCSVI to improve blood flow through opening constricted veins denied by the system. There is new hope with medical cannabis where establishment control and obstructions must not be repeated. The time is now to go forward by integrating medical specialists, allowing independent clinical medical cannabis research and waving the Liberation of Hope banner once again.

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