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Friday, 15 May 2020
Why Read about a Talking Birch Tree who Loves Family, Community, Environment and Nature?

The True MS Journey of Twin Brothers by Sister Mary


A strange thing happens as I continued to write about this MS journey for twin brothers. You climb to the top of this Sick Mountain; and look out at an all-encompassing landscape with more insight than before. Time for everyone to look and see a complex medical system established over decades that has spawned relationships and functions of many different participants. Time to see inalienable changes happening not so distantly.

First, you need to identify the background, pieces and players. It starts with a body of human biochemistry based on the integrity of a single cell to be healthy or sick. There are two basic kinds of diseases...infectious caused by outside agents with potential to be cured by drugs or cellular degenerative diseases often caused by lifestyle choices which drugs may treat but not cure.

The largest most powerful structure is the FDA FORTRESS entrenched on drug experiments, mostly animal, in the name of clinical trials based on a double-blind, random process. Along the way, FDA passed a mandate that "only drugs can mitigate or cure disease;" so, they still actively continue to regulate herbs or seek natural patents for profits.

Cannabis was called an illegal dangerous schedule 1 substance in 1972, regardless of thousands of years of showing various healing benefits.

In 2010, the MS community felt a paradigm shift which shook the medical system to its foundation. A Liberation War for Blood Flow began with scientific evidence that structural venous malformations affecting blood flow, or reflux, may cause MS inflammation, not an attack by the body's own protective immune cells. As expected, the medical establishment and the MS Society, did not accept any new theory that questioned their mantra and drug money flow.

Now, here we are close to 2020, and a new challenger is literally growing in the medical landscape. The cannabis or marijuana plant has many cannabinoids that integrate with the body's own endocannabinoid receptors which may explain its natural affinity to healing various problems. So, this new Liberation War for Mother Nature's Cannabis is starting where people can return to natural botanical roots with a new mantra: better to be on the omniscient side of nature's pharmacy than against it. In other words, if a 50-year experimental laboratory era has produced such an over-medicalized society with few results, then who would deny giving Nature its fair turn? Not us.

It is inevitable that the FDA's drug culture will be seriously questioned; even as public trust is tarnished by the opioid crisis. This bastion will not disassemble readily and will resist with every legality they can formulate to maintain its superiority and profitability. The FDA laboratories, filled with unpronounceable man-made chemicals, are standing at a crossroads ... how to clinically experiment with a natural product filled with phytochemicals in order to standardize a prescription that fits all needs.

In fact, the horizon clearly shows the many reasons why FDA may have too many conflicts to do this research properly. The climax of this journey is to call out that independent research is mandatory. There is no need to go through clinical trials and wait for approval to market a natural product through a highly detailed, specialized, and ultimate bureaucratic process that costs millions of dollars and takes years to complete. Who thinks drinking celery juice is risky?

The good news: there is a new, willing and able challenger to the FDA called the cannabis production company. This is where the governments, like Health Canada, can inspect, regulate and certify consistent and efficient production with leading-edge technologies like automation, customization, scalability, with Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure purity and potency.

In Chapter 5, Part 2, there are 3 calls to action for people's voices be heard clearly:

...integrate all medical specialists, play the role of an informed consumer, and remove Mother Nature from the laboratory dissection table.

The chapters start at the beginning with MS diagnosis for my twin brothers ... tall, handsome strong men; to unsuccessful expensive drug treatments, to CCSVI rebels in Mexico when Canada blocked only MS patients from opening constricted veins, to Lyme's disease antibiotic treatments, to other possible options, to residential care, to divorce and cognitive disabilities. Strangely, a cat's spirit binds us all together.

Interestingly, this journey about truth didn't plan to end with independent cannabis research; it just evolved to where there were no better directions and no better vista with the most hopes.

This e-book will be available on my personal website next week: Helpful Mindstream for Changes. Check SHOP NOW for link.

Excerpt: "As a bottom line, we know there is no benevolence found here in corporate marketing and profiteering as the Plutocrats (Rule by the Wealthy) will not let go of these vaults without fearsome opposition. Only the government’s highest levels can intercept and redirect any would-be monopolies. But people need to speak on behalf of Mother Nature’s inalienable intellectual rights and protect them with openness and diversity. Write to elected officials. (see sample letter in appendix)"

Three Blogs for Teen Story


On the one hand, there should be no reason for a story like this for teenage girls in the process of fulfilling their natural roles as young women. On the other hand, this story is essential for every teenage girl to read and understand the significance of making a smart choice with respect for her Timeline.

Who doesn’t have a daughter or sister or know a young teenage girl who seems attached to her cell phone but who is really on the leash? Who is leading whom?

There are three reasons to read this book.

1. How to stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development.

2. How to start looking at the value of time and power of choice as a super powerful tool to avoid making bad mistakes that may affect the total Timeline.

3. How to use diagrams as a base for discussion of growing up in a mass media world personified here as a Giant Clown Face of epic proportion.

The main challenge is the difficulty of talking about the value of a Timeline with teenagers who often see Time as a gift of beauty, vitality, and invincibility with no visible ending. It is normal to trust that success will be delivered with age and purpose in mind. Youth is a time for curiosity, exuberance, and self-discovery as well as mental and social development. However, in a brief matter of a decade or so, there has been a transformation of subjects and thoughts unlike anything experienced in human history where the Internet has created great changes in our society and culture forever with no safety nets for young girls. Teen girls, especially, are surrounded by a brand new vocabulary and motivation in a Selfie Domain with no training or denotation.

And therein are two problems. First, a general lack of knowledge how to cope with this new subject matter. Usually, any new subject requires learning with clear objectives like any other study; preparation, asking questions, content, decision making, and evaluation. Unfortunately, there is no training for young girls at any level to gain any kind of understanding much less mastery over these overwhelming changes. Ignorance and confusion are a lethal mixture.

Young developing brains naturally respond to curiosity, endless stimuli and challenging contrarian messages and too often they are left victims through no fault of their own. There is nothing more tragic than a 14-year old girl who is influenced to make bad choices and pays for those mistakes for the rest of her life surrounded by negative circumstances. A bright, beautiful spirit lies broken and, in some cases, can die.

The second problem, based on lack of not understanding the context, is how young girls are taken advantage of by mass media which brainwashes their minds with adult prerogatives. For example, how unnatural is it for young girls to sexualize their bodies to be "LIKE" adult images or role play? Part of this assault is their addiction to their cell phones and manufactured fake Selfies.

The challenge in helping to overcome these problems is to show the importance of making a smart choice as a pivot point on the future Timeline of growing teens who think of choice as a given right to follow their own sense of direction and belonging. They are natural risk-takers, don't like to be preached to or fill out self-esteem worksheets to help avoid life's bad turns when engaged midstream in huge, unprecedented changes all around them night and day.

They would rather learn from their peers.

The key question is asked in chapter one: "What if, you had the power to see the future and how your actions today may affect it? Would you make the same choices today?" And so, this story is told of a young adolescent girl's journey. Amazingly, it covers a period of three days of discussion and contemplation to turn her life around, with a nightmarish dream included. It follows her struggles in a hypermedia environment, the realization of her rash and brash adolescent brain, her descent into drug addiction, and her gradual awareness of the transient TIME measured not by numbers, counting hours or days, but with blocks and circles of experience as first drawn in the sand and explained by her Grannie.

She learns about a super powerful tool as a simple exercise to respect Time itself as if it could be held in your hands, to help make smart choices in immediate kinds of situations. This tool or idea, simple as it is, becomes even more powerful in the context of normal social rites of passage into adulthood and surviving in a social media Selfie circus.

The time is right to discuss these problems and solutions.

Excerpt: "Thinking back, there is no training on how to deal with changes in technology when my brain's biology remains unchanged. A teenager is still young, still curious, still wants to be liked, feel attractive, praised and rewarded again and again.

They buy into the electronic Hall of Mirrors where everyone is watching and comparing themselves, trying to find some piece of wisdom in a crowd or mob, not sure how not to stop suckling from an alternative reality not their own."

BLOG 2: The Challenge of Representing Time to a Teenager

My first blog introduced the rationale, and quick summary of a new e-book called A Teen Girl Makes Time in the Sand with three basic reasons for writing this timely e-book.

1. How to stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development personified here as a Giant Clown Face of epic proportions

2. How to start looking at the value of time and power of choice as a super powerful tool to avoid making bad mistakes that may affect or change the total Time Line

3. How to use diagrams as a base for discussion of growing up in a mass media world, of visualizing strong social forces, and structuring the experience of time.

It is worth noting that there was a major challenge in representing the value of Time, especially to young, vibrant teenagers who view life as an inevitable passion to grow up on their terms with their technical gadgets. Ask a teenager what is the most valuable thing or power you have and the answer, most probably, won't be time itself. After all, what happens today is not as important as to what happens tomorrow for fun, excitement, and self-identity.

In fact, for most people, the primary focus of time is counting numbers in a tactical system measured by minutes, days, months, years, decades, etc. However, how do you count or measure the quantity of EXPERIENCE which is the content between the numbers? It is the quality of experience and foresight that makes the difference…but how do you explain this to a 14-year old?

So the story progressively explains the "shapes" of Time as circles for the Present, blocks for the Past, and open-ended lines for the Future. It is easier to see how they are interconnected on a timeline and web of life. The Yesterdays, whether good or bad, can pile up like a wall not to be replaced or rebuilt. The Tomorrows are visionary directions of hope. They can embody huge amounts of time. Today is the only living opportunity to choose your lifelines or directions.

But here is the strangest paradox of Time that it can only be managed in a very small time frame called TODAY. And TODAY can sometimes be sparked by a tinier matter of CHOICE.

Herein is found the tragedy or the triumph. As tiny as choice may be, it holds the seeds of reaction, decision, habit and everything else in between. Doesn't it make better sense to broaden the scope or power of this moment?

The climax of the story is to discover a superpower tool that respects the passage of time as a simple exercise to enact in immediate situations to help make a smart choice with respect to Time itself. It answers the early question:

What would you do differently if you had the choice of seeing the future?


"But all is quiet. I think there is something wrong with this picture when a young teenage brain in normal growth patterns of fitting into normal society also has to try to find a place in a newly fractured culture of Social Media without rules, constraints or limitations with abnormal expectations of adulthood."

"I look at my open hand. Yes, it's true … it's not even imagination anymore. I can see clearly my past, present, and future and spark of choice resting on my palm. They may be invisible shapes in the sensory world, but the meanings are written clearly across my brain along with a surge of power that respecting my Timeline is now up to me."

BLOG 3: The Challenge and Power of Using Symbols for Critical Thinking

This blog helps to describe the third main reason for writing this timely e-book called A Teen Girl Makes Time in the Sand. Hopefully, you have read the first two blogs about reasons 1 and 2.

1. How to stop social media from taking advantage of a rash and brash teenage brain still in development personified here as a Giant Clown Face of epic proportions (blog One)

2. How to start looking at the value of time and power of choice as a superpower tool to avoid making bad mistakes that may affect or change the total Time Line (blog 2)

3. How to use diagrams as a base for discussion of growing up in a mass media world, of visualizing strong social forces, and structuring the experience of time.

Once more, the challenge was how to represent ideas or concepts with complex meanings in today's situations or outcomes caused by forces that are hard to describe if limited by words and given or implied interpretations. How can these forces be considered in abstract terms because they have no physical referents?

It is clear that abstract meanings can be powerful and can exist in imagination, but the framework is formulated on more kinds of experiences; for example, the word love undergoes many transformations through time.

It is clear that we first learn about the world of objects through our senses like seeing, hearing, touching, etc. Then it takes a lot of concrete experiences and often specific words to learn more abstract meanings that, over time, can be integrated to show the value of a lesson or moral.

So how can a teenager learn about qualities like independence, freedom, truth, trust, loyalty, morals and power of choice if they first don't run through a gamut of experiences to qualify as a higher meaning with the value of purpose? For example, they can't pick up a bag filled with responsibility; they must learn its implications or lack of. I can't pick up a choice like a carrot in my hand and tell them to find their own carrots. But I can draw a sign that represents the full context of "choice" and the difference of a "smart choice" is based on past, future and present factors.

How can I show moral outrage over cultural disruptions or the extreme social disadvantages played against young teen girls? I could write a lecture or I can draw a simple diagram with identified keywords and symbols.

I can take many of these changing complex concepts and give them some kind of sense impression; namely, a picture as well as a symbol. These images and associations will be better recalled where critical thinking can be applied.

The purpose of using a symbol is to show several deeper layers of meaning representing more details, actions, and consequences beyond its first appearance or literal meaning.

In fact, there are several symbolic intentions in this story. The complicated situation of a Social Media Circus and is effects are represented by a giant clown face. Another main symbol, in contrast, is the element of personal choice as a small circle attached to the spiral circle of a daily routine.

Now, social media can be compared to a Giant Clown Face standing in front of a small independent circle as a "smart choice" that incorporates past, present, and future. How can words express this fully for individual assimilation at different levels?

Other consistent symbols are: a square represents a closed past, no replay allowed; a spiral circle represents the energy of today, and open-ended lines represent the potential of the future yet unformed but based on yesterday's and today's actions.

Throughout the story there are numerous examples of pictures or images which try to show the extensions of self-identity, media control, and social networks:

What is the difference between choice, decision, and habit?

How to chart time on an Experience Calendar.

How one bad choice can disrupt a lifeline.

How Selfies form their own domain.

How to drop out of school affects the normal social rites of passage.

How the young rash and brash adolescent brain survives in a Selfie Domain.

Interestingly, I have always had a strong interest in using visual language to communicate meanings. I sincerely believe that many of these images have been kept simple enough for others to draw and elaborate on if they wish.

I believe that an image can be worth a thousand words, and in these critical times, society can use all the words of empowerment that they can find.

Excerpts: "Now I draw a heavier more rippled line above my lifeline. This, I think, is the internet social media circus line. It is powerful and here to stay forever. But I will not allow its size and influence to affect this small section of my life called teen years. I will not fall into a hole created by the Media monster.

I am deeply trying to find some purposeful longevity in living…"

"I picture that young living brain in my hands again pulsating to the vibrations of what I think I can call the Media Monster. A bigger question crosses my mind about how to protect teenage girls from falling prey to this giant clown face with its cavernous mouth feeding off Celtic Selfies, power-tripping them, stuffing them with stuff the crowds want to see rather than something that will benefit them as an individual."

Water Sprite Blog

BLOG ONE - The Reasons for Writing This Water Sprite Story

In the nebulous world where the difference between the real and the imagined is only a matter of perception and preference and in what direction the sun's beams are slanting and in what direction the shadows are falling, there is cast into the atmosphere a young water sprite to begin his cyclical journey in one of the Earth's most essential cycles. He takes this undertaking very seriously and calls it his mission of Cyclical Truths. His accounts and feelings set a purpose and demand for morality for all generations in preservation of a finite planet.

His short name is Corddo-mont, and he personifies the most valuable, but limited resource, known as pure, fresh water. He is unique because he is also part plant with retractable roots and cellular chloroplasts with which to make his own food from the sun's energy. This gives him a unique perspective on the symbiotic interdependence among plants, animals and even micro-organisms at the four important levels of healthy ecosystems.

He is young, ebullient and curious with an attendant sense of humor and freshness of insight. Along the way, he encounters various experiences that impress him with a number of cycles that describe the cooperative natural world where everything has a purpose and a right to exist to maintain potential. In fact, he won't admit it, that he has formed a close bond with a special micro-organism known as a rotifer. He becomes more aware of his vitality as he learns about the difficulties that threaten and exploit his nature; even to become an agent of pollution to gravely affect the myriads of life-forms that rely on his all-embracing sustenance. A unique encounter impresses him with the most abundant carbon element found in all organic matter including the hydrocarbons in fossil fuels. It is only with his encounters with humankind that he feels a loss of self; and learns consciously and sometimes painfully the truth of the need for conservation and the preservation of balance in nature.

This story combines imagination, fantasy with scientific reality. The figurative language personifies the water sprite as a friend we should all care about his manners, fears, and hopes. Because he shares an affinity with any organic life form derived from carbon and hydrogen, he can communicate with other beings and express their stories from their sense of realities. Most importantly, they help explain the cyclical truths that are very real and essential to ecology and the Earth's biosystems.

Imagination and science can make for interesting narrative, but, in this journey, only humans can write a happy ending.

Excerpt: Also, maybe, there is some misunderstanding about what makes for a life-form; especially lesser and smaller beings than themselves. Maybe, being so intelligent and progressive has made them short-sighted and narrow-minded about only their own groups, and prejudiced against other communities which may be different from them. Is this why pollution doesn't matter to some? What if, I think, amusingly, they can be referred to as kind humans rather than humankind?