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The Incredible JOURNEY of a Water Sprite With Roots

Who can doubt that we face many problems and ecological challenges from global warming, pollution, food production, species extinction and more on a planet with finite resources? Yet, this story shows that all the systems are interconnected from the smallest microorganism to the largest manmade plastic manufacturing plant.

What better way to show a special bonding with this main water sprite character; thereby, making an emotional connection through his trials, tribulations and inclusions of all lives in a balanced natural environment? As the water sprite falls in love, so will the readers in kinship and motivational affinity to protect Nature at its best. What a wonderful friend to get to know.

In a culture where powerful superheroes and Mickey Mouse abound, it is time to meet a real superhero whose continued success is essential to all life on Earth. Throughout the Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots, we can share his many experiences with lifeforms essential to ecology and amazement at several natural cycles. It is only when he encounters humankind that he feels a loss of self; and learns consciously, and sometimes painfully, the truth for the need for preservation of balance in Nature.

The Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots

Kindle edition:

- Excerpt from The Incredible Journey of a Water Sprite with Roots

My thoughts wander about the kind of ecology that humankind believes in, as I have witnessed. Do they get it that natural life begins with DNA in a nucleus, one-celled animals and plants, then species and then an ecosystem? Do they know that every small ecosystem is part of the total large biosphere on Earth that connects them all; water, air, food, resources, and shelter? Do they realize that perpetual growth, industry or destruction of any habitat is not sustainable on a limited planet?

Note: 50% of books sale will go towards conservation and ecological centers. Beneficiaries and accounting will be shown at the end of year.


a Love Story for All Ages Who Value Family, Community and Environment with Nature

Why read about a Talking Birch Tree with a personal story to tell about fears and hopes?

In fact, a tree is a perfect member of a community that shows that a body is an assembly of species and relationships, never self-contained. A tree can teach that we are an ecosystem in our own rights. Nature starts with a single cell growing to more complexity where each part has a purpose. We can best survive as a whole society if we believe in diversity and cooperation.

A special tree Dryad, as the essence of knowledge, explains many experiences about biology, home, helping each other and Nature’s most important law that everything is connected.

Excerpt from The Ecological Succession of Birchum Birch

However, with his People encounter, he realizes how selfish ego and short-term thinking can impact a community’s lifetime, but that Nature can recover given a chance. Giant food webs are discussed from primary Nature’s perspective and people’s secondary processes in Mega Plants and Mega Malls, along with manufactured seeds, that try to alter the essence of life on Earth. A loud clarion call is heard throughout the story that the Universe is not outside you … “what’s good for each of us is good for all of us; what hurts one of us, hurts all of us.”

“And when you don’t understand how webs connect; or how roots make leaves; or how the food web is many links that can’t be broken; when you lack empathy for the most ordinary creature, the worm or the bee, you become disconnected and pay the price one way or another, too often with disorder and disease.”

Birchum Birch Cover

Kindle Edition:

Note: 50% from the sale of this e-book will be added to a local scholarship fund for young people who wish to pursue higher education about ecosystems